The paperback of The Healing is now up for pre-sale on Amazon. Please don’t have sticker shock, I didn’t have control over the price. They tell me that is correct for a 492 page book. Oh and I get a whole 1.60 out of it. I know deep breath.

Anyway, Amazon will order based on views for the book. So if you get a chance please go have a look. And if you decide to purchase the paperback I will sign it for you. Might have to do some mailing back and forth depending on where you are but I will be glad to sign it.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I hold it in my hands. The few they are sending to me won’t be in till sometime over the next couple days.

Thanks to all of you for the support and I hope that some of you like the Ebook enough to purchase a paperback version. But if not I still love all of you!

Still working on Book 2. I have a working title but I’m not letting it slip yet. Quin and Tynan are having some issue, Owain is still trying to keep the peace and Cahan…well lets just say he’s…or let’s not say.

I know, I’m a bitch sometimes.

Much love to all my supportive peeps.






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