My dear readers,

I have been putting this off but I can’t any longer.

I was diagnosed with cancer in my left Kidney. They found three masses. It will have to be removed on Monday. The last two weeks have been rough. Tests. appointments and a shit load of blood taken, ending with see the surgeon to find out there may be a complication with the surgery.
After the MRI results came back, one of the cancer masses has sprouted what the surgeon calls a tendril. It has made it way into the major artery connect to the kidney. He won’t know what to do until he gets in there. There are two outcomes. 1. If it is still free floating it will pull out with the kidney. 2. If it has attached itself to the artery wall. This makes the surgery more complicated and they will have to remove that piece of the artery. Good news is my right kidney is healthy and no signs of the cancer in any other of my lower organs, lungs or brain. As my daughter and mom told me, “you can live with one kidney”, so very true.
Well there it is. I’m doing good. Once I found out what it was all I wanted was the game plan and timeline. I don’t know what to say other than I’m keeping a positive attitude and I will kick this thing.

Needless to say this will delay the release of The Lovers, book two in my Enigma series till early fall. I will be down for a couple months and may not get everyone an update till then.

But just to leave all of you on a good note here is another teaser.

Love to all of you.


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