New video interview

So there is now a video interview out there if you want to hear my answers to the questions they asked. Not to mention you get to actually see me. Here is the link.

Summer Storm – Author Video Interview!

Teasers are coming for book two so keep an eye out.

Love to all of you that helped promote The Lovers cover reveal and added links so people could purchases The Healing Book one if they wanted to.






Update on Book 2

So I’m off my mark. I was trying like hell to get book 2 out in 6 months but I’m not going to make it. I just can’t rush the story. I was shooting for the end of March. It’s looking more like the end of May.

I know everyone has been waiting for the release of book 2 but I need to make sure the story is going to be worth the read. The plot is getting thick and the sex is getting hotter. New character’s are coming.

I hope all of you will be patient, it will be worth the wait.

On a brighter note…there’s something coming the beginning of March that may help with the waiting.

Love to all of you and I can’t thank all of you enough for your support.



So…I needed some motivation of book 2 so I had the awesome lady that does my covers, she also did my banner, finish the cover for book 2. All I can say is HOLY SHIT. You guys are in for a treat around the beginning of February when I do the cover reveal. Remember book 2 is about my favorite, get me all wet, sexy, hotter than hell, brother Quinlan.

So to wet your whistle here is an exert for book 2. It has not been edited so I’m sure there are mistake. But then you know me. In the words of my editor, “You have comma issues”. Enjoy!

Crawling into bed and pulling the covers up around her still shaking body, Fuck…I have so screwed thing up with Quin. Why didn’t I just tell him. Boann thought to herself. Taking a deep cleaning breath she knows she needs to figure out how to fix this. She loved Quin with all her heart. As sleep started to overtake her, she thought she heard her door open. “Quin?” She felt the cover pull back and the bed sink down from the weight of someone’s body. But the hands that now touched her back were not his. Boann slowly turned and found the eyes of Rowena.

“What are you doing here?”

“Quin sent me to you.” Rowena ran her fingers down the side of Boann’s check.

“Why…why would he do that?”

“He knew you needed me.”

“But I…”

As she felt the lips of her lover gently brushing the side of her neck, she could hear a moan escape her. Her body automatically raised her chin to give her lover more access to her sensitive neck. Without thought her hand started to run up and down the length of the smooth skin of this woman who had taken over her soul. She felt her lovers’ body reacted and arch harder against her. As she continued the downward exploration, her hand came to rest at the small of her back. Starting there she ran her nails upwards and reveled in Rowena’s hiss of pleasure. Boann knew what her lover liked and she was more than willing to oblige.

“Oh, God yes. I love that.” Rowena grab one of Boann’s breast and started to massage it. Boann’s body reacted in a surge of heat that she knew was wetting her pussy.